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     Southcoast Cabinetry is constructed using many pieces of solid wood and wood veneers. Graining differences, as well as normal colors changes can be expected. Wood species in all finishes will exhibit color change when exposed to different types of light. Color differences are caused by mineral variations found in the soil that the tree was grown in, and the absorption of these minerals will defer by tree or parts of the tree. Additionally, every wood species exhibits other characteristics, including knots, pinholes, sap runs and darkening with age. Paint and stain finish on our cabinets is the most environmentally friendly coating available in today’s marketplace. We use the best water-based technology that will minimize hazardous air pollutants without sacrificing the durability and performance of solvent based coatings. Our finish meets the tough quality requirements of KCMA, Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer Association.

     We guarantee our labor and materials for one year after completion of installation of each dwelling unit. Our warranty covers manufactory or installation damage caused by ourselves, not others. Southcoast Cabinet inc. at its discretion will replace any part or items necessary to give our customer a first quality job. We agreed to repair or replace work, installed by us together with any adjacent work, which is displaced or damaged in doing so that proves to be defective and workmanship, material or operation with a period of one year from the date of final acceptance by the owner, or from the date of certificate of substantial completion, whichever is the earliest.

     Ordinary wear and tear, cabinet maintenance, environmental damage such as heat or water damage or neglect is exempt from said Warranty.

     As in all wood products, Southcoast Cabinet, Inc. Cannot be held responsible for any variations in woodgrains, color matching or in discoloration after time on any wood veneer or solid wood surfaces. Due to the transparency of the stains and regardless of the stain color, some of the natural characteristics of the wood will show through the finish. These variations will show throughout cabinetry on adjacent cabinets, from one door to the next, on drawer fronts on the same cabinet, or even within the same panel.


     Wood is a natural material; it moves and even breathes. It releases and absorbs moisture with changes in relative humidity. Shrinking and swelling is inevitable, but we do all we can to prevent it by working along the grain of wood, proper hinge adjustments, etc. We cannot guarantee that our products will not warp, but we can use our discretion to replace overly excessive warping doors or products. Standards all depend on the material and length.

     We offer complimentary adjustments for 1- year after final acceptance by the owner, or date of certificate of substantial completion. These are complimentary but not guaranteed. Like a Car’s wheel alignments, Cabinet adjustments and alignments are homeowner maintenance. We use some of the best guides and hinges available, made in Italy. Adjustment capabilities defer from the type of hinge or guides, chosen at the design stage of your cabinets. If you would like additional information on how to adjust your cabinets, please reach out to our Customer Service Department.

Care and Maintenance

     Your kitchen cabinets have been manufactured at Southcoast Cabinet using the best wood selections, modern processing equipment, and most environmentally friendly finishing materials. The finish offers considerable resistance to scratching and household chemicals as specified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufactures Association.


     To care for your cabinets, they should be dusted, or vacuumed periodically, depending on the amount, and type of particular matter that might accumulate. Take special care to clean the area around any area where you cook, as oil can build up on the surface of the cabinets and cause surface damage. Since dry dusting can scratch the surface, always dust with a polish moisten cloth following with the grain of the wood. Select a cleaning cloth made of soft and absorbent, cotton, flannel or microfiber.

     These products** are suitable to clean and preserve the finishing of stained or painted cabinets: Magic, Cabinet and Wood. Thomasville, Kitchen Cabinets

         - Avoid spraying the indicated cleaning products directly on the surface of your cabinets. Always apply to your selected cleaning cloth first, then spread on the surface, removing the excess immediately with a clean dry cloth. Access product should never be left on your cabinets as it may cause buildup or damage the finish.

        - Cabinets made with non-wood surfaces, such as Thermofoil, Metro or Salt products, should be cleaned with water and a very small amount of liquid soap. Dry with a separate dry cloth immediately.

        - Avoid using an overly wet cloth on your cabinets and leaving the excess moisture as it will damage your cabinets and even cause surface level splitting.

       - We do not recommend under any circumstances, Cleaners that contain bleaches, sodium hypochlorite, ammonia, silicones, oils or kerosene in their composition.

     You should be maintaining your cabinets alignment with drawer guide and door hinge adjustments, just as you would align the wheels on your vehicle. Trash bin cabinets are especially susceptible to becoming out of alignment due to excessive use, weight and guide placement. Try to avoid slamming heavy items into your trash bins when open and keep guides free of dirt and grime. Never put excessive weight on an open drawer or door, as this will bend your hinges or guides, causing it to bend or even break off completely. 

     An adjustable shelves weight limit varies on the length of the shelf itself. Most shelves have a weight limit of about 30 lbs., but this does vary by the length of the shelf. If you notice the holes on your shelf start to expand larger than the shelf pin, the weight on the shelves may be too great.




     Be wary of cabinets below sinks, or very close to a water source. If you notice water sitting on a surface of your cabinet, blot clean as soon as possible. Water damage will cause swelling and split the surface. If you have a large amount of water on your cabinets, such as a broken sink flooding, the best thing you can do to try to prevent extreme water damage is to dry the area as quickly and much as possible, then place a fan pointing on the cabinet on high. Never use blow-dryers or fans with heat on to the cabinet, as this will cause your cabinet to warp and split.

Never place damp products on your cabinets such as wet towels, Flowerpots, Drinks, etc. on cabinet services without a moisture barrier, such as a coaster or tray.

Our Cabinets are not heatproof, so be wary of where you place items such as tea kettles, rice cookers, or pressure cookers etc. as this excess heat could damage your cabinets. Be aware of where you point your vents for heat, excessive heat can cause warping and surface level damage. If you are using very high heat on your stove, please turn on your fan, as it will help redirect the heat and minimize damage to the cabinets above your stove.

** Even if these tests have been conducted by a national chemical lab, we cannot guarantee the results if any of the cleaner's companies change in formulation. We recommend that you always spot test in a hidden area first.



     Thank you for choosing Southcoast Cabinet for your cabinetry needs. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and customer service possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department. We are committed to resolving any issues in a timely and effective manner and ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your experience with us. Once again, we appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

-Southcoast Cabinet INC.


If you have any Warranty or Questions about our Cabinets, please contact Sara Lopez at 626-550-5528 or the office at 909-594-3089. You can also email her at 

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